New patch - 0.800a

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New patch - 0.800a

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* Added a new ability: Celestial Hammer.

* Added a new ability: Continuous Explosion Trap.

* Added diminishing returns to stun, sleep, immobile, disarm, blind and silence effects. Each time one of these effects are added to a character will make any of the next such effects half duration. This lasts for 20 seconds from the first effect added.

* Lowered the experience cost of the ability Knockout from 150 down to 125.

* Remade the particle for the ability Summon Mastery to look better.

* It is now impossible to apply a disarm effect on a target that is already disarmed.

* Altered the default options of the game when first starting it to use more demanding settings.

* Fixed a bug that caused armors to sometimes visually disappear when used on a ragdoll.

* Fixed a bug that caused players to visually disappear in certain situations even though they should have been rendered on the edge of the screen.

* Trap trigger abilities now only trigger the closest trap, but their cooldown has been greatly reduced.

* Traps are no longer triggered automatically when they die.

* Traps that die now visually fade away faster.

* Remade the lightning particle into an atlas instead to make it look better. This affects the appearance of Weapon Glow: Lightning and the ability Electric Pulse.

* Fixed a bug that caused particles in certain situations to look incorrect the first frame.

* Optimized the updating of particles very slightly.

* Non-blindness type color grading will no longer overwrite color grading from maps.

* Fixed a bug that caused the map in the map editor to not be marked as changed when importing a Color Grading.

* Set the default Color Grading to Colourful.

* Altered the text for Color Grading inside the map editor to fit on the screen correctly.

* Made some minor adjustments in some ability particles to fade in better.
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