New patch - 0.713a

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New patch - 0.713a

Post by spellheart_com » Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:32 am


* Added a new player model that is used by default with much better animations than the other models.

* Added a new ability: Darkness.

* Added a new ability: Missile Slam.

* Remade the shadow calculations in the game to no longer use a shadow color, but instead not cast light at shadowed points, which makes the lighting look a bit more realistic.
This also makes it possible to have multiple shadows, which can now be altered in the options menu.
This change does not alter performance at all if you have the default of 1 shadow texture.
This can be seen in the ability Clairvoyance, Nuclear Sphere and for the lamp map object.
You can now also enable shadow casting on spotlights in the map editor.

* Altered the ambient light to instead be upper and lower hemisphere ambient lights.
This can be seen in all maps and can be set in the map editor.

* Added a new feature that makes it possible for all particles in the game to cast shadows.
This can be seen on the abilities Meteor and Cyclone.
You can also enable shadows for particles in the map editor.

* Added a new particle type that can follow a path.
This can be seen in the ability Tempest, Protective Spirit, Iron Maiden, Curse of Weakness, Vampiric Aura, Fire Mastery, Frost Mastery, Healing Mastery and Vigor.
These particles can also be used in the map editor.

* Removed a couple of particle textures that were not that useful.

* Altered particles to look better on the ability Healing Seeds, Tempest, Protective Spirit, Vampiric Aura, Vigor, Iron Maiden, Curse of Weakness, Cleanse, Purge, Theft, Fire Mastery, Frost Mastery andHealing Mastery.

* Altered the particles for generic Stun, Sleep and Silence effects.

* Altered the parallax shader to look better. This can be seen on all floor materials in the game.
You can now also set the parallax values for custom materials in the map editor.

* Added a new floor material to the map editor.

* A progress screen is shown when reloading shaders because of changing something in the option menu.

* Fixed a bug that caused rendering of soft particles to not work in some cases.

* Added an optimization feature to servers to not update as often when there are no players connected.

* Optimized the rendering of grass slightly.

* Optimized text that can have smilies on them to be rendered much faster (the chat for example).

* You now also count as out-of-combat when you are dead or have spawn protection on you.

* Optimized the startup loading time of the game dramatically after the first startup.

* Altered the player in-game messages to look a bit different. This also enables players coloring the text, like this:

* Optimized the pathfinding algorithm dramatically.

* Optimized the AI dramatically.

* AI characters now collide against each other to avoid them grouping up.

* Fixed a couple of minor bugs regarding custom materials in the map editor.

* Fixed a bug that caused the precise camera rotation to behave incorrectly around degree zero.

* Fixed a minor bug in the map editor that caused half-transparent objects to sometimes trigger the Mesh Fade effect.

* Set a different color grading (LUT in the map editor) to the map Ancestral Ruin.

* Fixed a bug regarding shaders for Direct3D11 which increased the FPS by around 47%.

* Fixed a couple of crash bugs for Direct3D11.

* Fixed a bug in the in-game web browser that caused the mouse wheel to sometimes stop working.

* When a client crash happens, replays now get the information needed for us developers to solve the crash.
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