New patch - 0.683a

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New patch - 0.683a

Post by spellheart_com » Sat Apr 11, 2020 3:31 am


* Optimized the Mesh Fade option to be around 4 times faster than before and take slightly less memory.

* The Mesh Fade option can now use another type of fade.
The new mesh fade option is dynamically coloring the particles of the effect instead of having a predefined color.
The color is defined by the actual color in the mesh that it fades away.

* Altered the Mesh Fade particle to look better.

* Added an option to control the color of the mesh fade.
Though this does not work with an Advanced Mesh Fade quality of High, since that setting sets the color dynamically.

* Altered the grass of the game to look better by making its area edges create smaller grass straws.

* Replaced the default grass material.
You can now also choose a number of different grass materials in the map editor.

* Added a new particle type that can cast shadows.
This can be seen in the ability Bloodlust.
These particles can also be used in the map editor.

* Added a tip to finish challenge modes by writing "help" in the chat while doing one.
A message about this comes up after the first death in a challenge mode.

* Altered the ban function to be able to temporary ban players.
Previous format was "/ban TARGET" while new format is "/ban SECONDS TARGET". The ban is permanent if SECONDS is 0.
Temporary bans (if SECONDS is greater than 0) will count down until they have expired. Temporary bans get cleaned when the server closes.

* Changed the text of the "Skip" button in the login screen to "Login as Guest" and altered its size and color.
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