New patch - 0.827a

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New patch - 0.827a

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* Added an anti-spam system for chat messages, switching team and changing name.

* Added a new option: Show Blood.
It is enabled by default but if it is disabled the game will not show any blood.

* Fixed a bug that caused the Death Recap to sometimes not show the very last damage instance.

* Drastically optimized the growing root effects (such as from the ability Healing Circle) when it was created close to detailed objects, such as walls.

* Changed the sorting method of players in the player list (TAB) screen to first prioritize kills, then damage done, healing done and finally the lower amount of deaths.

* Fixed a bug that caused Steam logins to sometimes fail (for the future, since the game is not yet on Steam).
This was caused by not correctly validating the Steam authentication ticket on the client before they were sent to the login server.
The maximum time to wait to login through Steam has now also been increased.
An error message will show up for the client if the authentication ticket could not be validated through Steam.

* The UI for experience gained when a game session ends is now displayed a bit longer than before.

* Slightly increased the width of the player names text in the player list (TAB) screen.

* The Streamer Mode option now also hides the server and spectator password in your game servers.
It also hides the join game IP address textbox in the join game screen of the client, which makes it even easier to have a private server up for streamers.
Its tooltip has also been updated.

* The anti-grief system can no longer be applied to non-player characters.

* Fixed a bug that caused players to in a certain way to be able to trigger experience and item drops before the end of a game session.

* Fixed a bug that caused players to be able to gain experience and item drops when playing in the map editor.

* Altered the in-game button text of "Friends" to "Profile" as it now contains more than just the friend list.

* Fixed an error in the description of the ability Open Wound.

* Fixed a bug that caused one of the smilies to be hidden by the profanity filter.

* Decreased the wind power of the ability Quickness.
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