New patch - 0.821a

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New patch - 0.821a

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* Each weapon type now also has a unique item property.
Swords now have damage reduction, Axes have slow on hit and Maces have ignore damage reduction on hit.
Magic weapons are unchanged and still have spell power.
These new texts are also much more visible in the description of the weapons.
These new weapon specific properties can also be set in the map editor per monster group.

* You can now see if changes has been made for an individual game server before you join it.
By holding over the new column "Changes", you can now also see the exact changes the selected game server has made.

* Altered the damage reduction of Buckler from 5 up to 10.

* Altered the damage reduction of Large Shield from 12 up to 15.

* Altered the colors of damage texts for Frost and Magical damage to be the same as their description damage color.

* Renamed the ability Eagle Bolt to Conjure Eagle.

* Fixed a bug that caused Titanic Crush to not apply its visual effect when hitting a vehicle.

* Fixed a visual bug that caused the Damage Numbers setting in the options menu to sometimes not show its whole text in the UI.

* Game servers will now always be sorted by the amount of players, but will still always show favorited game servers first.

* Fixed a bug that caused favorited game servers to not be sorted first in some situations.

* Fixed a bug that caused the server variables to not be reloaded correctly when removing a variable from a server profile.
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