New patch - 0.806a

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New patch - 0.806a

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* Added a new ability: Dash.

* Replaced the default wall texture for one with a better copyright. The new texture can now also be used on floors in the map editor.<br>
Another new texture also changes the appearance of the ability Stone Wall.

* Fixed a bug that caused ability circles to not work correctly with their effect radius.

* Optimized the updating of comboboxes when in the opened state, which increases performance drastically when a combobox has many items visible.

* Fixed a bug that caused the cubemap position in the map editor to sometimes render objects that should have been hidden.

* Fixed a bug that caused the cubemap position to sometimes not render the skybox correctly.

* Fixed a bug that caused the death icon in the player list (TAB) screen to not align correctly with the name.

* Fixed a bug that caused certain particles to create their automatic distortion particle incorrectly, which lead to an improper fade in of their distortion particles.

* Altered the experience and in-combat UI to be aligned perfectly to the corner.

* The Streamer Mode setting for the server now also hides all IP:s of players in the server list.

* The IP of players are now never sent over to other client players. Instead a salted hashed IP is sent over as a unique identifier to be able to mute a player. Also, the country icon is now sent over by the server instead which leaves no purpose for a real IP to be sent to clients anymore.

* Clients/servers getting their external IP from our server would cause a major freezes to occur when not having an internet connection, even when the LAN Only or Private Server settings were enabled.
The external IP will now never attempt to be fetched anymore with LAN Only or Private Server enabled.

* Replaced the text "Extern IP" with "External IP" for the server.

* Added a per account cooldown to the login servers e-mail feature.
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