New patch - 0.796a

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New patch - 0.796a

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* The ability Plasma Bolt has been reworked completely to be more unique.

* Rendered text in the UI is now much sharper than before on Direct3D (as sharp as on Direct3D11 now).<br>
Also replaced the font in the game with a new one with better licensing.

* Added support for multithreaded compliation of shaders on Direct3D9 and Direct3D11.<br>
When shaders needs to be reloaded, this new feature makes the loading time around half than what it was before.<br>
This is used when starting the game and when changing Shadow Technique or Cloud Shadows in the options menu.<br>
When starting the game and shaders are forced to be reloaded (when you have changed certain settings in the options menu or a new version of the game has been released), that first startup is now 5.7 times faster than before (on an average computer from 27.3 seconds down to 4.8 seconds).

* You can no longer change the resolution in the game to go over the 16:9 aspect ratio limit to see more of the game world.<br>
If you resize the game window or set a resolution over 16:9 or lower than 1:1, the window will use black borders or stretch the content if enabled in the options menu with the new option called Black Borders.<br>
This is so players cannot get an advantage of having screens with higher aspect ratios (such as 21:9), and since 16:9 is the gaming standard as of this moment, that is what this game will have as a maximum.

* Added a new accessory item type that changes the ability used particle called, with a new accessory called "Ability Used: Absorb".
* The tooltip of stackable effects are now combined instead of one line per stack.

* Optimized the physical impulse function drastically. This increases the FPS by a lot when there are many active objects that applies an impulse every frame.

* Switched the input system and window creation system.<br>
With the new input system, you can now type things such as "^^" (which was impossible with the old system).<br>
Key input repeats are now coming from the computer setting instead and a bug was fixed that made it impossible to type some special signs when writing outside of the game window (like "^^").<br>
All key bindings are reset when you first enter the game with this version.

* Particles affected by lighting can now support up to 4 lights (which is plenty for relatively small particle effects) and by the scenes ambient hemisphere lighting.<br>
Previously, they those particles could only be affected by one directional lighting which was faked.<br>
This change applied to particles for these effects or abilities: Cyclone, Kamikaze, Execute, Infected Bolt, Subduct, Tear of Poseidon, Book of Knowledge, Fatigue, Stone Prison, Summons projectile, Blood on hit and Trap 1.

* Reduced the amount of vertex data needed for particles that can receive lighting.

* Adjusted the keybinding text of "Left MB", "Right MB" and "Middle MB" to fit on ability icons better with the new texts "LMB", "RMB" and "MMB".

* Added an effect warning to the ability Curse of Weakness.

* Optimized SSAO significantly. This optimization makes SSAO render much faster when there are more objects on the screen, especially when there are many transparent objects such as particles and other effects.

* Remade the system for the launcher to use hashes of files to know which are different. Previously, only file size and file changed date were used to see changes (which was flawed for many reasons). If you had the game installed before this version, you must uninstall it and download the new version online.

* Added lights on these abilities: Ember, Hail, Paralyzing Bolt, Arcane Bolt, Plasma Bolt and Chloroform Bolt.

* The loading screen now shows a percentage of how far the loading has come when starting the game.<br>
It also shows the exact resources that are being loaded.<br>
The performance or loading time is not affected in any way with this change.

* Upgraded the rendering engine to a later version, which has some minor optimizations.

* Player-specific spray paints are now only sent over to other players if the player has put the spray paint in the documents folder (C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\Spellheart\sprayPaint.png). This means that entering a game will be even faster than before if a player do not use a custom spray paint (which was always the case before) and the replay size will be much smaller than before because of this.<br>

* Altering the custom spray paint is now also easier than before since it is now loaded when joining a game instead of loaded only once at startup.<br>
All information regarding this is also shown in a tooltip over the Spray Paint keybinding in the options menu.

* If a custom spray paint is not accepted (too large size for example), an error message is shown in-game with details on how to fix it.

* Added support in the code for a future Steam version (which will be added at a later date) of the game, which includes features such as friend list from Steam, joining a game of a Steam friend, automatic Steam login details, Steam account status, etc.

* Optimized the rendering of smilies and country flag icons in text.

* The maximize status of the window is now saved and loaded.

* If the window is closed on a different monitor, it would be impossible to see or move the window if not using that monitor on the startup of the game. The window is now reset on startup if it detects that this has happened.

* Fixed a bug that cause the loading of the game to be extremely slow when using V-Sync and a high value in the Maximum FPS option.

* Optimized sending over defines (Variables.txt) from the server to the client. This decreases the time it takes for clients to connect to a server.

* Fixed a bug that caused the cube map generated in maps to not render all objects correctly when using Instancing in the options menu.

* Remade the system for footprints that fixed a lot of bugs when it was used in combination with maps that used splatting.

* Optimized the function that attempts to create a footprint.

* Fixed a bug that caused some shaders to be compiled incorrectly and not working on some hardware

* Effect warnings can now be combined instead of one per stack, this can be seen for the ability Plasma Bolt.

* Fixed a bug that caused Color Grading to make the screen completely black on Direct3D11.

* The error message that shows that files cannot be changed by the game now also shows more in detail how to fix it.

* Optimized textboxes in the game when writing or setting text to them that would make the text out of bounds.

* Slightly optimized the painting of splatting, grass and detail normal in the map editor.

* Optimized the loading of maps slightly.

* Removed OpenGL from Graphics API.<br>
On Windows, OpenGL is not as optimized as Direct3D is, and it was also confusing that you could choose to use it on Windows when it was only meant to be used for non-Windows computers.<br>
The OpenGL version was also very old, and its shaders were compiled using CG, which had many flaws (such as it only worked on Nvidia graphic cards).<br>
If there will be a non-Windows build of the game in the future, a new OpenGL version (without CG) or Vulkan will instead always be used for those specific builds.

* Fixed a bug that caused shadows cast by spotlights to sometimes be rendered incorrectly on Direct3D9.

* Fixed a bug that caused textboxes to crash when pasting too much text into them with Ctrl+V.

* Fixed a bug that caused spray paints in Direct3D11 to crash the game if not using Projection in the options menu.

* A loading image is now shown while attempting to log in.

* Fixed a bug that caused the window to be at the top left corner when changing from "Windowed (Fullscreen)" to "Windowed" in the Resolution setting in the option menu.

* Fixed a bug that caused tangents to sometimes be generated incorrectly, which caused meshes to look strange on Direct3D11.

* Fixed a bug that caused grass areas to sometimes not load correctly on Direct3D11.

* Fixed a bug that caused a division by zero error in the map editor when setting a lights Flickering Speed to zero while Flickering Offset was greater than zero.

* When going to a time in a replay, the loading screen now shows a percentage of how far it has come.

* When the loading screen shows a percentage, it now also shows it in the task bar.

* Fixed a bug that caused the Z pre-pass texture (which controls SSAO and Soft Particles) to render incorrectly when using splatting on a mesh in the map editor.

* Fixed a bug that caused the Advanced Mesh Fade option to not work when using a Shader Quality of Medium.

* Fixed a bug that caused a map to be marked as changed when pressing Environment inside the map editor.

* Removed SSGI since its results in appearance were not good compared to how much performance it used.

* Fixed a bug in the map editor that caused the camera force to reset when moving the Cube Map Position object.

* Custom made spray paints from other players are not shown when using Streamer Mode in the options menu.

* The Variables.txt file is no longer recommended for servers to use, always try to use a server profile instead. This is because if the Variables.txt file is edited, it will be replaced with the latest version each time you start the launcher.

* Optimized the text rendering slightly.

* Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash in certain situations when a map did not use a skybox.

* Optimized the rendering of all shaders very slightly.

* Fixed a bug that caused the game to not be able to start up if capability issues in Direct3D9 were discovered and that the user then set to use Direct3D11 instead.

* Lighted particles are now also available from custom materials in the map editor for alpha blending particles (.tga textures).

* Fixed a bug that caused tree stems to not cast shadows on Direct3D11.

* Fixed a bug that caused the GUI cursor to be shown before the loading screen was hidden in certain situations.

* Fixed a bug that that caused the FPS Meter (if enabled in options) to sometimes not be shown on the loading screen.

* Set GPU Animation to be on by default.

* Fixed a bug that caused Parallax Projection effects (from Nuclear Sphere, Explosive Charge, Shock Trap, and Titanic Crush) to not be shown when using Direct3D11.

* The startup video of the game is now only shown the first time instead of every time.

* Added a new particle atlas to the game which can be used the map editor (AtlasFireSmoke2).

* Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed the game on startup when using a Shadow Technique of None.

* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to crash when going back in time in a replay.

* Fixed a bug that caused custom materials on particles to be affected by SSAO.

* Fixed a bug that grass could not be altered by undo/redo in the map editor.
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