New patch - 0.767a

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New patch - 0.767a

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* Added a new ability: Brace Projectile.

* Country icons are now displayed in-game on player names.

* Added a new feature: Death Recap.<br>
Clicking on the icon of a kill element (shown in the top-right corner in-game) will now show a recap of the last damage instances leading up to the death of the target killed.

* Added a new feature: Growing Roots.<br>
This can be seen on the ability Healing Circle.<br>
Growing Roots can be turned off by using Medium or below in the Physics option.

* Color Grading (LUT) is now a combobox instead of a checkbox. You can now choose to override the color grading of the game with a set of predefined color gradings that can never be replaced even when set in a map.<br>
This also enables correction of color blindness for Protanope, Tritanope and Deuteranope.<br>
Specific GUI elements such as team colors also reflect the LUT being used, though all other GUI will be left unchanged.

* The number of stacks are now shown on these buffs/debuffs (but only if they have more than 1 stack):
Cluster Headache
Flame Shock
Death Bolt
Angel Touch
Healing over time effects (such as Healing Seeds)
Damage over time effects (such as from Ember/Fire Ball/Meteor/Fire Enchant)

* You can now unassign key bindings by pressing Esc.<br>
There is a text that describes this in the key binding screen.
Abilities that are unassigned are now hidden.<br>

* Added a Master Volume slider to the options menu. It controls music and effect volume at the same time.

* Added a Background FPS slider to the options menu. It limits the FPS when the game window is not focused.

* Grass is now affected by characters moving through it.

* The options menu now gets invisible while holding shift. This can help to see the effect of changes when you alter options, as the option menu is often in the way of the game world.

* Added a new particle emitter: Nearest Mesh.<br>
It targets the nearest floor/background mesh and emits particles from it.<br>
This particle emitter also exists in the map editor particle template.

* Added a new particle affector: Wind.<br>
Particles with this affector are affected by physical impulses.<br>
Added a new map named "Village Arena (Fog)" that uses a combination of this affector and the new particle emitter "Nearest Mesh" to create a map-wide physical fog.

* Added a new particle affector: Velocity Decreaser.<br>
It also exists in the default particle template in the map editor.

* Added a new type of particle on the ability Cluster Headache.

* Altered some shaders to use a rim light. This can be seen on all characters and on some other specific objects.

* Added a "Open Directory" button to the map editor when you load a map. Also, when switching back to the game again, the map list will automatically refresh itself.

* Optimized the sending of network packets of the game client, game server, login server and lobby server.

* Optimized the raycasting of these features: Decals, Lightning Effect Emitters, Spraypaints and Growing Root Emitters.

* Optimized triangle raycasting (by 4-10 times faster depending on the size of the map) which is used in many different places of the game (cursor 3D targeting, creating objects such as projectiles, Teleport, etc).<br>
This makes the FPS slightly higher.

* Optimized the rendering of the minimap and map screen drastically. The rendering would previously typically use around 200 batches, now it always only uses 2 batches to render.

* The ability Healing Circle now lasts for 5 seconds instead of 3 and heals for 10 health per second instead of 15.

* Altered particles for the following abilties to look better: Pulse of Nature, Quick Heal, Heal and Healing Circle.

* Altered the temporary grass effect to be more clear for the abilities Pulse of Nature and Healing Circle.

* The temporary grass effect from the ability Healing Circle is now removed when using the ability Dispel Environment on it.

* Altered the model named "star0".

* Added 4 new floor materials to be able to be used in the map editor.

* Altered the floor material on two maps (Cannibal Outcast and Lost Temple).

* Completely remade the IP to Country database creation system since has been shut down.

* Changed the AI to be able to use the ability Kamikaze.

* Altered the health of the ability Memorizing Crystal from 25 up to 35.

* Fixed a bug that caused projectiles to hit the last character between two server updates instead of the first character.

* Fixed a bug that caused a few particles to disappear before they had completely faded away.

* Fixed a bug in the payment system that made it unable to know which region an item was bought for, which made the item
sometimes not able to be added to the account. Since the payment system is not currently active, this has not affected anyone.

* Disabled all regions except for Europe, since all other regions was connecting to the Europe server right now anyway.<br>
More regions can be enabled very easily later if needed.

* Fixed a bug which made the time left of buffs/debuffs to be shown incorrect when it had multiple instances active.

* Fixed a bug in the map editor that caused particles to sometimes not follow the cast shadows value they had.

* Fixed a bug that caused materials that used specific culling modes to sometimes not (or partly) show up in the depth buffer.

* Fixed a bug that caused some distortion particles to be rendered incorrectly or not at all for some abilities (like Ice Spikes hit particle).

* Fixed a bug that caused node trail effects to disappear instantly on death (node trails are used in the abilities Quickness, Healing Seeds, Powershift and Brace Projectile).

* Fixed a bug that caused the muzzle flare from the ability Sentinel Mechanism to crash the game in Direct3D11.

* Fixed a bug that caused the muzzle flare from the ability Sentinel Mechanism to affect and get affected by SSAO.

* Fixed a bug that caused the command "/removebot" to sometimes kick a player. The command now also works in single-player.

* Fixed a bug that in some situations caused grass to emit the wind sound forever, instead of dissipating after a short period.

* Fixed a bug that caused reloading the list of replays, list of map editor maps and map editor particles to be reloaded not only when getting focus of the game window, but also when losing focus of it, which was unnecessary.

* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the wrong map to be selected when reloading the list of map editor maps when getting focus on the game window.

* Fixed a bug that caused the damage text to sometimes show incorrect numbers when the value were less than 3.

* Fixed a bug that caused spraypaints on walls to be almost completely cut off.

* Fixed some minor inconsistencies in the GUI of the options menu.

* Fixed a bug that caused too long player names to offset the mute and view buttons far outside of the "..." suffix of the player name text.

* Altered the Player List screen to be able to use much longer player names.
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