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  • Adjusted the fog shader for a more correct look.

  • Altered the window to still be updated even if it does not have focus.

  • Added a new type of particle to the map editor that follows the camera. This particle type can be seen in the map Citadel Fraud.

  • Optimized the grass feature to increase the FPS slightly.

  • Fixed a visual bug with soft particles when a distortion effect was active in OpenGL.

  • Fixed a visual bug with grass in OpenGL.

  • Fixed a bug in the map editor that caused maps to have duplicate objects in some situations.

  • Altered some map editor specific objects to be more visible when fog is active.

  • When entering and leaving a game, the IP of the player is no longer shown.

  • Muting and unmuting a player in-game no longer saves the IP into the options file.


  • Altered the borders for the GUI to look better.


  • Added basic support for Direct3D11. You can turn this on in the options menu.

  • Upgraded the game to 64-bit, which allows much higher memory for the game.

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to press the "Ready" button when warming up in a new game.

  • Altered the GUI to fade in and out in a different way.

  • Soft Particles now correctly works on OpenGL.

  • Updated the rendering engine core to a newer version, which made it possible to add Direct3D11.

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in the map editor regarding custom materials.


  • Added buffs and debuffs to be visible on the screen in-game. You can now also remove a buff by right-clicking on it.


  • You can now resize the game window to any resolution.

  • The GUI system now works perfectly on arbitrary screen resolutions.

  • Taskbar flashing now also works on Windows 10.

  • Fixed a couple of crash bugs.

  • Remade the core timer system for the game.
    This improves performance and will make the game smoother than before.


  • Added a new feature: Soft Particles. This can be enabled in the options menu.

  • The maximum amount of lights in the options menu has been altered from 6 up to 20.

  • Altered the GUI to look better on 16:9 resolutions.


  • Added a new ability: Tear of Poseidon.

  • Added a new feature: Grass with physics.
    This can be seen in the map Village Arena.
    You can also paint grass in the map editor for your own maps.

  • Added a new visual effect: Node Trail. This effect can be seen on the ability "Quickness".

  • Altered the visual effect of the ability "Thorns" to look better.

  • Holding down the keybinding to see the map (default "M") will no longer be triggered when searching for something in the hero screen.


  • Added more visual effects when using a melee ability.


  • Added a map screen that shows the entire map when you hold down M.
    You can change the key in the keybindings screen.


  • Added a new weapon glow accessory: Ethereal.

  • Altered the appearance of the ability Force Field on Shader Quality Medium or higher.

  • Altered the player meshes to be a part of the distortion shader to remove incorrect distortion depth.

  • Fixed a bug that caused footprints to calculate the closest lights incorrectly, causing them to sometimes look wierd.

  • Fixed the normalmap of some textures and the detail normals in the map editor.

  • Fixed a crash bug regarding reloading of particles in the map editor.

  • Altered the SSAO shader to look better with plants and trees.

  • Remade the colour picker feature to be better.


  • Optimized the SSAO shader to significantly increase the FPS when enabled.

  • Fixed a bug with the bloom shader that caused the screen to move a few pixels to the bottom right.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the free camera in replays and in the map editor to rotate, even if you did not move the cursor.

  • Fixed a bug in Direct3D9 with the GUI which sometimes caused visual artifacts.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the login server to sometimes not send the verification code.


  • Fixed a bug that caused meshes to disappear in some situations.

  • Added an import collision mesh feature to the map editor.

  • Optimized the loading of maps to load a bit faster than before.

  • Optimized a core function for a minor FPS gain.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from opening the patch notes when inside the map editor.

  • Altered the shadow shaders to look more similar on Direct3D9 and OpenGL.


  • Added a waterfall particle and sound to the "Village Arena" map to show what is possible with the new features in the map editor.

  • Lights now fade out when you move away from them.

  • Optimized some core functions for a minor FPS gain.

  • Fixed a bug that caused footprints to behave strange.

  • Fixed some minor bugs.


  • Added a new feature to the map editor: Particles.
    You can now place and edit particles in the map editor.
    Custom materials can be set on particles, which allow you to import your own particle textures.

  • Added a new feature to the map editor: Sounds.
    You can now place sounds in the map editor.
    You can also import your own sounds.


  • Added a new feature to the options menu: GPU Animation.
    When enabled, this feature may significantly improve performance.

  • Fixed a bug with trees in the game that caused them to sometimes cull their leaves.

  • Fixed a bug that caused ragdolls to use invalid normals, which caused them to look strange.

  • Changed the free camera rotation to be using the relative mouse position instead of the absolute mouse position.
    This makes the free camera rotation to be acting the same on different screen resolutions.
    Also fixed a bug that caused the free camera rotation to behave strange on lower FPS.


  • Changed the pipe to become a trap.


  • Added a new feature: Liquids.
    This can be see in a new object (pipe) that has been added to the maps "Citadel Fraud" and "Tournament Grounds".
    You can also place the pipe when in the map editor.
    Liquids can be turned off in the options menu.


  • Added Damage Done and Healing Done to the player list screen (TAB).

  • Fixed a bug that caused some floor meshes to cull spotlights in certain angles.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the dynamic movie Cloud Shadows to mimic the in-game Cloud Shadows.

  • Added a spotlight when using the Clairvoyance ability.

  • Altered the Ice Spikes ability to have a bigger hit decal.


  • Added a new feature: Show out of range. When you are trying to use an ability and it is out of range, a visual indicator shows up.
    This can be turned off in the options menu.


  • Changed the abilities Knockout Gas, Book of Knowledge and Fatigue to create a projectile, which in turn creates the ability circle when it has reached its destination.

  • Altered the core of the sound system to be able to identify copies of the same sound, and skip loading of sounds that are copies.
    This change makes the game load faster and take less memory.

  • Changed the slow duration of the ability Hamstring from 5 seconds down to 3.

  • Altered the dynamic movie of the ability Execute.


  • Changed the abilities Inferno, Tempest and Healing Circle to create a projectile, which in turn creates the ability circle when it has reached its destination.

  • Pressing Up Arrow to go through history messages in the chat now also contains the last message you sent from the last time you shut down the game.


  • Added a new feature to the map editor: Detail normal.
    This feature can be used on splatting materials, which results in having another normal map stretched over an entire mesh.

  • Added a new feature to the map editor: Brushes.
    You can now use other kind of brushes in the map editor for painting splatting and detail normal.
    Making your own brushes is also possible (by pressing "Paint Brush" and then "Import...").

  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y) now works in the map editor for painting splatting and detail normal.

  • Added a clean history button in the map editor since the history might take several hundred megabytes in some cases.


  • Altered the Ice Spike ability to look much better.


  • Added two new types of abilities:
    Charges: Some abilities comes with a specific amount of charges that are recharged over time.
    Chains: Some abilities are built up of several abilities, for example, one ability puts down a bomb and the other triggers it.

  • Added a new ability: Stone Skin.
    This ability uses the charge ability type.

  • Altered the Explosive Charge and Shock Trap abilities to use the chain ability type.

  • Changed most summoning abilities to create a projectile, which in turn creates the summon when it has reached its destination.

  • Fixed the mesh fade out effects of the abilities Book of Knowledge and Eagle Bolt.

  • Optimized the screen that shows information about an ability/equipment when hovering over it.

  • Changed the curve math behind artillery projectiles, which give better results.


  • Added a new feature: Leaf wind sound.
    When vegitation is affected by wind, a leaf wind sound will be played.

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur on startup.

  • Optimized the leaf wind sound to not always be playing.


  • Added a material editor to the map editor. This makes it possible to import textures and use them on meshes.

  • Made it possible in the map editor to set whether or not specific meshes can cast shadows.

  • You can now copy meshes in the map editor.

  • You can now translate and rotate a mesh without having to select its vertices in the map editor.

  • Made meshes much faster to translate and delete in the map editor.

  • Altered the favorite server button to look better.


  • Added favorite servers to the join game screen and to the player list screen (TAB).

  • The resolution setting in options now also show aspect ratios.


  • Fixed a bug that caused artifacts with the new shadow technique after changing it in options.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the new shadow technique to not show up in dynamic movies.

  • Fixed a bug that caused characters in dynamic movies to sometimes look in an invalid direction on startup.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using SSAO with splatting materials.


  • Implemented a new shadow technique: Depth shadows.
    This will enable automatically when using a Shader Quality of above Low.
    This shadow technique enables self shadowing, has better results and renders much faster than the old one.
    You can also enable soft shadows in the options menu with this new shadow technique at the cost of performance.

  • Footprints now also work on splatting floor meshes.

  • Fixed a rare visual bug with splatting meshes.

  • Driving a vehicle now counts to active seconds to be able to unlock items.

  • Altered the server and the client to never send or receive potentially dangerous files.


  • Removed the relative start .exe file which were causing some problems.
    If you had the game installed before this patch, be sure to uninstall and then reinstall the game again to get a correct shortcut to your desktop.
    You do not need to uninstall and reinstall the game if you manually change your shortcut to the game to point to C:\Program Files (x86)\Spellheart\Game\SpellheartLauncher\Release\SpellheartLauncher.exe.

  • When filling edges with objects in the map editor, the undo/redo action is now for all the objects at once, instead of one undo/redo action per object created.


  • Optimized the splatting feature, making it extremely much faster to render.

  • Splatting now looks better on lower texture filtering setting.


  • Added support to switch between Direct3D9 and OpenGL in the options menu.

  • Fixed navmesh errors which previously could make AI characters get stuck.


  • Added support for splatting textures in the map editor. With this feature you can blend between ground textures easily and be able to create things such as roads.

  • Fixed some graphical artifacts when using low texture resolution in the options menu.

  • Fixed the web browser to support 32-bit systems.

  • Fixed a bug that caused characters to show up at incorrect positions when walking over vegetation. This fix also improves performance with vegetation.


  • Abilities will now show their current cooldown when exiting and then entering a server again.


  • Added a new Capture the Flag map: Citadel Fraud.

  • Fixed a bug with some abilities such as Body Switch and Time Warp when sitting in a vehicle.

  • Added a fill walkable edges button to the map editor, which fills all walkable edges with specific objects with a density and a random offset.
    By selecting walls, they will surround the whole map and ignore density.

  • Added checkboxes for mirror x and mirror z when painting floor in the map editor.

  • Optimized all current minimap meshes and minimap meshes automatically created by the map editor.

  • Altered the death effect of the dune buggy.

  • Optimized the dune buggy model.

  • Optimized some particle effects.


  • Added a new feature: Vehicles. This can be seen in a new ability named Summon Dune Buggy.


  • Fixed a crash bug in the map editor when using duplicate (Ctrl+C).

  • Optimized the network manager to decrease CPU and memory consumption for the client and the server.

  • Fixed a bug that made players on the same IP (LAN) switch characters when both exited a game and then entered the same game again in a specific order.

  • Added a log for the server that is saved in C:\Users\YOUR_USER\Documents\Spellheart.

  • Upgraded the random number generator in the client and the server to a faster one with higher quality. This will not alter gameplay, as random numbers are never used in abilities or weapons.


  • Characters killed by fire now has a visual effect that it is scorched.

  • Fixed a bug that made physical objects appear on incorrect positions. This also fixes some stuttering issues with ragdolls.

  • When in a replay, the first character that enters sets the startup camera rotation.

  • Summons startup direction is now in the direction of the summoner.


  • Optimized lightning effects, which are used in these abilities: Death Bolt, Powershift, Demonic Force, Infected Bolt, Blinding Flash, Nuclear Sphere, Silence and Memorizing Crystal.

  • Added most map editor key bindings to the options menu.


  • Fixed sorting issues when using silhouettes.

  • Altered the web browser to use specific cursor icons instead of the OS cursors which could not be used correctly in fullscreen.

  • Pressing Escape while in the start main menu will bring you back to the login screen instead of exiting the game. Pressing Escape while in the login screen will exit the game instead of skipping the login.

  • Fixed sorting issues between decals and footprints.

  • Fixed sorting issues between different projections.

  • Fixed skeleton errors in a few meshes.


  • Added a new feature: Character silhouettes. This feature makes characters visible even if they are behind an obstacle.
    Can be turned on in the options menu.

  • Fixed a bug that caused ground clutter to slow down the game after being affected by a physical impulse.

  • Optimized the ground clutter meshes.


  • Added a new feature: Cloaks.
    A cloak can be equipped as an accessory, but will only be shown when the Physics setting is High.

  • Optimized the paper model that is used as a soft body from the ability Book of Knowledge. The aero code for the paper has also been remade for better physical results.

  • Altered the parallax map on the grass floor texture to look better.


  • Added a new feature: Tooltips.
    Tooltips can be seen in the options menu.

  • Changed the description colour for abilities in the hero for all fire damage, frost damage, physical damage, magical damage and heal abilities.

  • Updated the IP to country list, which shows the countries of connected players.

  • Optimized most particle effects. This increases FPS significantly when many particle effects are visible.


  • Implemented a new feature: In-game web browsers.
    Web browsers can be opened by pressing Ctrl + T. This can be changed in the keybindings screen.
    By sending links over the chat, you can now press those links to open it in the web browser.
    The web browser can be moved and resized like a normal window.

  • Optimized the chat screen.
    Previously the game was slowed down when displaying a lot of long chat messages.


  • You can now search for servers in the join game screen instead of always getting the whole server list.


  • Added a new feature: Server passwords.
    Passworded servers are also shown in the join game screen as being password protected.

  • Fixed the texture resolution setting to work again.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the first frame of a distortion effect to use the highest shader quality instead of the currently chosen one.


  • Added the Attack keybinding in the hero screen for easier access.

  • Altered the description of all summoning abilities to include their time to live.

  • Fixed a major crash in the map editor.

  • Fixed some minor errors in a few shaders.


  • Altered the experience cost of the ability Teleport from 100 up to 125.

  • Altered the experience cost of the ability Theft from 50 up to 100.


  • Added new abilities: Memorizing Crystal and Execute.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the e-mail server to not send e-mails in some situations.

  • Altered the sounds for these abilities: Geist Strike, Disarming Strike, Titanic Crush and Hamstring.


  • Altered the core of the lobby server and the login server to change their theoretical peer limit from 4 095 up to 16 777 215.


  • Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y) now works in the map editor for most parts.

  • The flag in Capture the flag mode now use an animation instead of being static.

  • Fixed a crash bug in the server when picking up a flag while there is at least one spectator in the game.

  • Fixed a bug where the cursor was not shown when coming from spectator mode to the start menu.


  • You can now whisper to accounts by using "/w ACCOUNT". To reply to the last whisper you received, you can type "/r " in the chat.
    You can also ignore whispers from an account by using "/ignore ACCOUNT" and to unignore use "/unignore ACCOUNT".
    These features can also be done from the friend list.
    You need to be logged in for these features to work.

  • You can now also use "/w NAME" in-game to whisper players.

  • Replaced the message log with a better chat. You can now scroll in the chat to see old messages.
    There are also two new buttons in the chat that can go to the first message and the last message.
    It is now also possible to chat when you have not yet joined a game.


  • Remade the lobby server and login server to support more connections.

  • Replaced the brightness function with a gamma function in the options menu.

  • The self-cast key can no longer trigger abilities.
    This removes any self-cast target abilities with one button.


  • Added a new option to disable environment physical objects. By turning it down, your FPS may increase significantly.

  • Altered the experience cost of the ability Essence Shift from 200 down to 125.
    Changed it to do nothing if the target has more than 75% health.


  • Added a new map: "Sarabian Night". All assets from the map are also added to the map editor.

  • Footprints are made when walking over sand.

  • Fixed a bug that caused ragdolls to fly in an incorrect direction when hit by a projectile.


  • Altered the fog to look better on low linear values.

  • Altered the cloud shadow effect to look better. It can now also be disabled in the options.

  • The cloud shadow effect is now enabled on most default maps.


  • Added new features to the game and to the map editor:
    Shadow colour
    Cloud shadow effect


  • Added an optional login system to the game.
    When logged in, you can unlock items to your account by playing. These items do not make you better in-game in any way.
    A friend list is also available when logged in.


  • Remade the core of the entire GUI system of the game.
    This increases the FPS drastically when much GUI is visible (like in the hero screen).
    Specifically, the rendering of the GUI is now around 80 times faster and also reduces the memory of the game by around 23%.


  • Added new abilities: Essence Shift, Explosive Charge, Shock Trap and Sentinel Mechanism.

  • Added new commands for admins: /kick TARGET, /ban TARGET, /removeban TARGET, /addbot and /removebot.


  • Added more accessories:
    Cowboy Hat
    Graduate Cap
    Imperial Crown
    Santa Hat


  • Optimized the game for larger maps. This increases the FPS by around 15% on maps such as Village Arena.

  • Added a mute button on the player list (TAB) screen.

  • There is just one cursor in the game now instead of one in-game cursor and one GUI cursor.


  • Speedhack detection has been added to the server. Clients detected with speedhack are kicked automatically. Other hacks are meaningless to detect since everything apart from movement is server-side.

  • Added a nice fade effect on higher lighting quality which can be seen when equipping items, when dropping items, when a character is dead and on the GUI.


  • Added a new feature: Map Editor.
    You can create new maps to use in your server which are automatically downloaded for clients that connect.

  • Remade the generic sound that is played when using an ability.

  • Altered the appearance of the ability Powershift.

  • Remade the accept and cancel GUI button icons.

  • Fixed many bugs.


  • Added a lot of core functionalities and remade several systems. This will not be noticeable right now, but will be used more in the future.


  • When a new game starts, there is a warm-up phase in which players can get ready with abilities and fight each other until the real match begins.
    Players can also start the game earlier if everyone presses a ready button in this phase.

  • Changed the name of the ability Circle Of Ice to Tempest.

  • Changed the name of the ability Circle Of Fatigue to Fatigue.

  • Added some special distortion effects to these abilities:
    Frost Bolt

  • Added support for a new GUI object: Combobox.
    This has replaced several sliders that were in the options menu.

  • Altered the distortion effect to never go through walls and other objects.

  • Added a new admin command to change to a specific map more easily: /map NAME.

  • Adjusted the appearance of the slider GUI object.

  • Remade the core for the navigation mesh which solves some bugs.

  • Changed the name of the ability Ice Protection to Frost Protection.

  • Solved a minor bug with particle systems that could in specific situations make them look wierd.


  • Changed the second team model to a new one: Reptile.

  • Added a feature that when killed by frost, there is a chance that the ragdoll becomes frozen.
    When killed by fire, there is a chance the ragdoll becomes on fire.

  • Added support for explosion debris which can be seen in these abilities:
    Frost Bolt
    Fire Ball

  • Added support for dark lights. This can be seen in the ability Meteor.

  • Altered these abilities to look better:
    Fire Ball

  • Added ragdoll to the ability Eagle Bolt.

  • Altered the start game explosion to look better.

  • Added a fade in time to every decal in the game for a smoother transition.

  • Remade the camera shake system. It now supports an arbitrary amount of sources.


  • Added a new game mode: Capture the flag.

  • Added a new map with the new game mode: Lost Temple.

  • Added a player ban system for the server.


  • Added challenge modes (single player) for players to learn the game easier.

  • Added movies that are played when you hover over an ability or item in the hero manager and in the cube game.

  • Added a new ability: Knockout Gas.

  • Added a library button in the main menu where you can see all abilities and items.

  • The server now displays the time left of the map currently playing.

  • Fixed a bug that caused windowed fullscreen mode to sometimes get an incorrect size.

  • Remade the code for the tutorial, fixing a crash bug. You can now also play the tutorial at the same time as you host a server.


  • Added new abilities: Chloroform Bolt, Disarming Strike, Decoy, Cyclone, Stone Prison and Subduct.


  • Cast range per ability has been implemented. Before there was a constant that was used for all abilities.

  • Added a new ability: Constitution.

  • The ability Hide now also cleanses the user, removing all detrimental effects.

  • The ability Angel Touch will not be triggered unless the damage is greater than or equal to 5.


  • Added a new ability: Silence.

  • Altered the effectiveness of the ability Curse of Weakness from 50% down to 30%.

  • Altered the ability Living Explosion from the maximum damage of 25 down to 20.

  • Remade the abilities Frost Shock and Flame Shock to not be pure damage abilities.


  • Added some new weapons:
    Wand, Scepter, Rune Sword and Staff.
    These new weapons increase the damage and healing of abilities, but at the price of much lower weapon damage.

  • Added some new abilities: Fire Enchant, Frost Enchant and Magic Enchant.

  • Holding Left-Shift now makes all target and world target abilities to be self cast. This key can be changed in the options menu.

  • Added a new accessory: Wizard Hat.

  • All abilities now show their weakness in their description.


  • Added a new feature: Effect Warnings.
    On a character that is the target of specific abilities, for example the ability Imprison, a small UI is shown until the effect ends.

  • Updated the physics system to support ropes. Hanging lamps in some maps show this function.

  • Altered the default game mode to now also have a score limit instead of just a time limit. This can be disabled in the server.

  • Altered the pathfinding of the AI to chase players more easily than before.

  • Added new abilities: Time Warp, Ember and Hail.

  • The abilities Fire Protection and Ice Protection have been altered.
    Ice Protection now also makes you immune to any slow or knockback effects from frost abilities.
    Fire Protection now also makes you immune to any DOT effects from fire abilities.

  • When using multiple monitors, the cursor can no longer go to another screen while playing in fullscreen.

  • Added support for Swedish unicode keys for text and key bindings in the game. You can now chat with these keys.


  • Added support for voice chat.

  • Added two new maps, "Cannibal Outcast" and "Ancestral Ruin".

  • Added support for map traps. This can be seen in the two new maps.

  • Replaced the models of almost all items.

  • Key bindings of abilities can now be seen on the in game screen instead of just in the hero manager.

  • Updated the icons of around half of the abilities.

  • Larger sound files will now be streamed. This optimizes the memory of the game significantly.

  • Optimized all network traffic by using compression before sending packages. This also makes the replay files smaller.

  • Implemented a distortion shader, this can be seen above torches and on many abilities.

  • New startup video.

  • Bots use the ability Teleport a bit different now, they will now never teleport directly inside of someone.

  • Added and altered a lot of other minor things.


  • Made the launcher more flexible, no more patches. Instead, it just downloads the latest changed files. If you had the game installed before this, you need to uninstall and install it again for it to work.

  • Altered the system for weapon trails, they now look much better.

  • Spray paints maximum size in kb increased from 100 to 150.


  • Fixed a bug with the server window regarding the saved position of it.

  • Only one instance of the launcher can now be running.


  • Altered the GUI shader a bit.


  • Changed the ability Iron Maiden to add a kill for the caster of the ability instead of the user it was cast on.

  • Events in the server now also display time.


  • Icons were not correctly getting alpha on higher lighting settings.

  • Kill elements will now be faded out more slowly.

  • The camera shake effect will now stop even though the game is paused.


  • Changed the particle effects for summoning abilities.

  • Fixed a rare crash bug that occurred with accessories.


  • Circle Of Ice experience cost decreased from 200 to 150.


  • Altered some maps to look better.

  • Fixed a minor bug with the select team menu.


  • Fixed a bug that caused passive abilities to have no effect in some specific cases.

  • The camera now rotates around the character when a map is changing.


  • All previous versions have been merged together, resetting this version to the first. If you had the game installed before this, you need to uninstall and install it again for it to work.

  • Fixed a minor bug with SSAO.


  • Fixed a minor bug with the pathfinding of the AI.


  • Remade the weapon trail system.


  • Fixed a bug that caused slow computers to fail to connect to servers properly.

  • Lightning effects will now be controlled by the Particle Quality.
    If you suffer from FPS drop from abilities such as "Demonic Force" or "Nuclear Sphere", lowering the Particle Quality will increase your performance.


  • Fixed a bug with the server that caused players to not be able to reconnect when they had lost their connection to the server.

  • The server now saves the window position.


  • You can no longer see team chat messages if you are on the team selection screen.

  • The particle effect of the ability "Powershift" has been changed.


  • Balanced the abilities "Titanic Crush" and "Summon Skeleton Healer".

  • Changed the categories of some abilities.


  • Changed the categories of some abilities.


  • Changed the categories of many abilities.


  • Added more categories for abilities.


  • Added categories for abilities and equipment.

  • Made a chain to equip items, this makes it faster and easier.

  • Abilities are now sorted by name.

  • Added a hint text on the search textbox in the hero manager.

  • Changed the description of the ability "Plasma Bolt" to show the correct damage.

  • Altered the Join Game screen a bit.


  • Fixed a major bug that caused nothing to happen with these abilities:
    Gravity Pulse
    Ice Spike

  • Remade the sounds for these abilities:
    Pulse of Nature


  • Hosted games can now more easily alter lights per projectile with Variables.rwn.

  • Fixed a minor bug regarding the chat.


  • The chat is now in team chat from the start.


  • Remade all item icons.

  • The GUI of the details of abilities and items is now a bit smoother.


  • Added a new feature: Weapon Glow. These can be selected from the hero manager.

  • Fixed a minor bug with some particle effects.


  • Added a new feature that enable players to control their projectiles in certain ways.

  • Added a new ability: Plasma Bolt.

  • Added a new ability: Curve Projectiles.

  • Added a new ability: Nuclear Sphere.


  • Altered the ability "Transform" to allow it to be targeted by enemies/AI when the user is not standing still.

  • Fixed a bug that caused effects on players to last after death.

  • Balanced some abilities:
    Vampiric Aura, effectiveness down to 25% from 35%.
    Blinding Flash, duration down to 3 from 5.


  • All previous versions have been merged together, resetting this version to the first. If you had the game installed before this, you need to uninstall and install it again for it to work.

  • Added two new maps: "Dino Island" and "Forest Of Death".

  • Partial physics have been added to some static objects. This can be seen in the map "Dino Island" and "Forest Of Death".

  • Added a new feature: Breakable physical objects. This can be seen in the map "Tomb Of Darkness" and "Forest Of Death".

  • A new feature in the chat has been made: Smilies.
    Changed the "/help" text to include smilies as well.

  • Added support for wind on abilities that affect physical objects.
    This can currently be seen in these abilities:
    Fire Ball, Healing Bolt, Frost Bolt, Arcane Bolt, Death Bolt, Eagle Bolt, Paralyzing Bolt, Infected Bolt, Meteor, Protect, Quickness, Fire Protection, Ice Protection, Thorns.

  • Added support for impulse on physical objects with cones. This can be seen on the ability "Ice Wind" and also when attacking with a weapon.

  • Added a new ability: Imprison.

  • Added a new ability: Blinding Flash.

  • Added a new ability: Summon Raptor.
    The raptor mesh can also be used by a team if changed in Variables.rwn, and can of course equip items like any other character.

  • Added a new ability: Infected Bolt.

  • Added a new ability: Transform.

  • Added a new ability: Clairvoyance.

  • Added a new ability: Clairvoyance.

  • Added a new ability: Summon Skeleton Mage.

  • Added a new ability: Summon Skeleton Healer.

  • Removed the ability "Dispel" and added sub abilities of that one instead:

  • The ability "Dispel Environment" no longer kill summons.

  • Remade the ability "Electric Pulse" since it was never used.

  • Remade the ability "Summon Skeleton" since it was never used.

  • Added two new character effects: Blind and Immobile.
    These can be seen in the ability "Imprison" and "Blinding Flash".

  • A ranged AI has been added, it now kites the enemy instead of going into melee.

  • The AI is now much smarter with shooting projectiles. It will aim correctly on moving targets, avoid shooting at friendly targets and only shoot when in line of sight of the target.

  • The AI will now flee from enemies that have spawn protection (or other similar effects) instead of attacking them.

  • A new option has been added in the option screen: Number of lights.

  • A new option has been added in the option screen: Brightness.

  • All taunts have been remade.
    Changed the "/help" text to include the taunts as well.

  • The launcher has been completely remade to avoid .NET.

  • Changed the message log to have the messages in reversed order.

  • Added support for flickering lights, which can be seen on torches on all maps.

  • Added a ground clutter percentage slider in the option menu.

  • Optimized the core on how to show/hide objects, which improves performance on complex maps.
    This also makes it possible to see the entire map in freecam mode.

  • Optimized the 3D picking code of the cursor, which improves performance on complex maps.

  • Optimized the server alot, which improves performance of other applications (such as the game client).

  • Remade the the calculations for the specular component of the shaders.

  • Changed the loading screen to fade out correctly.

  • Rebalanced the monster maps to spawn significantly less in the start of the game.

  • The water of the game has been completely reconstructed as it was causing several issues.

  • Added support for summons and monsters that allows them to have armors and shields.
    This can be seen on the ability "Summon Robot" as it now has lowered health but alot more damage reduction from its new armor.
    Also solved a minor bug regarding the robot character model and it's shield orientation.

  • Added more advanced texture filtering techniques to the option menu.

  • Altered the GUI shader to make it a little nicer.

  • Remade the textures for the GUI cursor, the loading (spinning), the buttons, the ability circles and the target circle (when targeting a character with the cursor).

  • You can now stop a replay if it is fast forwarding by pressing Space or Escape.

  • Mesh scales can now also be applied per team in Variables.rwn and not just for monsters/summons.

  • Updated the shadow quality without losing any performance.

  • Optimized the option menu, it would sometimes get stuck for half a second before showing itself.

  • Remade the particle effects for the abilities Angel touch, Quickness, Bloodlust, Cluster headache and Powershift.

  • A crash on multiple monitors has been fixed.

  • Changed the GUI shader a to show the specularity more clearly on darker textures.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck on level objects after a knockback effect.

  • Fixed a bug that caused ragdolls to not be coloured correctly.

  • Fixed a bug that caused ragdolls with armors to decrease performance drastically.

  • Fixed a bug that made physical objects take alot of CPU in some cases.

  • Fixed a bug that made characters respawn where they were killed if they had force before they died (from abilities such as "Ice Wind").

  • Fixed a bug that characters would not hit each other in melee if they were standing on the exact same position.

  • Fixed a bug with the AI that would make it get stuck to some level objects.

  • Fixed a minor bug in the replay system. If a replay started with a dead character, that character is now correctly displayed as dead instead of standing up.

  • Fixed a bug regarding the Bloom effect and the GUI.

  • Chat messages are now correctly in front of the hero manager and behind the message log and the hero information screen.

  • The tutorial now works correctly when not in fullscreen mode.

  • Teabag now works properly again.

  • The cursor will now be hidden after a few seconds when spectating (exactly as it works when watching a replay).

  • Changed the AI difficulty a bit. Now servers can also adjust it even more in Variables.rwn.

  • Fixed some minor bugs in the map "Tournament Grounds".

  • Fixed a bug regarding SSAO and different lighting settings.

  • Fixed a minor bug regarding the shadows in the start game.

  • A minor bug with accessories has been fixed.

  • Fixed a minor detail regarding the GUI fade with higher lighting setting.

  • Fixed a major crash bug when trying to exit the game after the window had lost its focus.

  • Fixed a minor bug with the search textbox filtering of items in the hero screen.

  • Fixed a crash bug regarding the player list in replays.

  • Attenuation of lights now can also be changed in real-time by using Variables.rwn.

  • Particle quality has been altered to support a more specific percentage.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to crash when joining a game in certain situations.

  • Fixed a bug that made the client crash when switching map with bots.

  • Fixed a minor issue with the cubes in the start game.

  • In the select team screen, the characters are now facing a different direction than before.

  • Changed the names of some of the maps.

  • Maps in the server are now sorted by their name.

  • Fixed a bug with the message log that caused the scroll viewer to not appear.

  • Fixed a bug regarding the rotation of cursor targets.

  • Fixed a minor bug with the core timer of the game.

  • Fixed a minor bug with the AI.

  • Fixed some spelling issues in the tutorial.


  • Remade the core of the GUI system, it now support shaders on higher lighting quality.


  • Many ability icons has been remade.

  • Many sounds of abilities has been remade.

  • Changed the loading screen when going forward/backward in a replay. Also changed the replay manager so it renders while loading.

  • The poly count has been increased for the skeleton mesh.

  • Increased the maximum Mesh Reduction % value in options.

  • Changed the particle effect of the explosion in the minigame.

  • Added a "Open Variables" button in the server that opens the Variables.rwn file.

  • Fixed the name of some abilities in Variables.rwn.


  • Fixed alot of bugs with the change resolution system.

  • You can now go out and back to the game freely when you are in a loading screen.

  • Fixed a bug with the refraction effect.


  • In the replay file screen, new replays now also display the map name.

  • Altered the listviews of the replay file screen and the join game screen to be a bit nicer.


  • Changed the server client to be able to control the update rate of the server. Now also displays the update rate at all times.

  • Remade the floor texture in the map "Tournament Grounds".

  • If experienced players are tired of pressing "Join" in the select team menu, you can now press "1" to join team 1, and "2" to join team 2.

  • Fixed a minor bug regarding the GUI system that did not allow you to go to the previous screen.

  • Corrected the Variables.rwn file to use the correct name of the ability "Geist Strike".


  • Made it easier to see what kind of items fits where in the hero manager. For example, if you hover your mouse over a weapon, it will display the type of the weapon in the top-left corner of the popup. If you hover over an accessory, it will also display the slot it uses.

  • Made it easier in the hero manager to search for different item types. For example, "shield" shows all shields, and "accessory" shows all accessories. You can now for example also search for "two-hand" or "one-hand" to filter the weapons.


  • Remade the armor system and remade the item "Plate Armor".

  • Remade the floor texture in the map "Tournament Grounds".

  • Other minor fixes.


  • All previous versions have been merged together, resetting this version to the first. If you had the game installed before this, you need to uninstall and install it again for it to work.

  • Added a new feature: Accessories. Accessories can be equipped from the hero manager.

  • Added a new admin/server command: "/next", that forces the server to go to the next map. Also updated the "/help" command.

  • In the replay file manager, the replays now also display the game version.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the AI to sometimes get stuck.

  • Fixed a bug that made Refraction effects to not appear.


  • Abilities that add force to a character, like "Demonic Force" and "Ice Wind", now also works versus summons/monsters/bots.

  • Remade the particle effects of the ability "Fire Ball".


  • All previous versions have been merged together, resetting this version to the first. If you had the game installed before this, you need to uninstall and install it again for it to work.


  • Added a new feature: Lightning Effects.
    This can be seen in these abilities:
    Death Bolt
    Demonic Force

  • The particle effects for the ability "Death Bolt" has been remade.


  • Changed the resource system to drastically decrease loading times after the first match.

  • Fixed an uncommon bug that caused players in multiplayer to get stuck in the attack animation when using an ability.

  • Fixed a bug that caused replays to load extremely slowly when going backwards in time.

  • Fixed a minor bug regarding the orientation of the spray paints.

  • Updated the particle effects for spawn protection and for the ability "Teleport".

  • Updated the text on "/help" in the chat.

  • Fixed a minor issue regarding the rendering distance of characters.

  • Fixed the sound of the ability "Knockout". It caused a minor bug as its format was wrong.


  • Fixed a major crash bug regarding some physical objects on lower physical level setting.


  • Fixed a major crash bug regarding the ability "Stone Wall".


  • Removed the "Design Idea" button.

  • Remade the system that handles game versions.


  • The ability "Theft" now works correctly.

  • The start video has been updated.

  • Also made some other minor adjustments.


  • Altered the physical meshes of weapons and shields to make them act more natural.
    The friction of these objects has also been changed to a more proper value.

  • Minor update of the launcher.


  • Characters will now also be able to collide with dynamic physical objects.


  • Upgraded the AI to be better. Builds are now also taken from Variables.rwn instead of being in the code.

  • Fixed a minor bug with the cursor.

  • Fixed a minor bug that allowed you to drop weapons when unequipping them even when you were dead.


  • Speeded up the loading process of levels, previously all resources were loaded, now only necessary resources for the level are loaded.

  • Made it so the decal mesh is now generated automatically instead of using a pre-made one.


  • Made it so the minimap is now generated automatically instead of using a pre-made one.

  • Removed the navmesh for the AI, it will now use the same navmesh as the player does, but it will still avoid obstacles.


  • Added support for Windowed mode and Windowed (Fullscreen) mode.
    This can be changed in the options of the game, by the slider "Resolution".
    If you use Windowed mode, it will remember the position and size of the window to the next time you start the game.
    Mouse speed in options were removed at it was not necessary anymore, as the default cursor speed is now used instead.

  • Fixed some minor bugs.


  • Added support for "wall" abilities, this can be seen in a new ability:
    Stone Wall

  • When you search abilities for "Summon" you will now only see summon creature abilities.

  • Dispel Environment no longer remove effects on characters, though it still removes invisibility from them.

  • Remade many sounds and textures.

  • Remade the start video of the game.

  • Fixed a few minor bugs.


  • In some rare scenarios the player could move outside of the navigation mesh, which could cause an exception on the server.
    This issue has now been fixed.

  • Fixed some other minor bugs.


  • Fixed a bug that caused emotes to not be shown when writing in team chat.

  • Fixed a minor error in the hero manager.

  • Fixed some other minor bugs.


  • All previous versions have been merged together, resetting this version to the first. If you had the game installed before this, you need to uninstall and install it again for it to work.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from the same external IP (from a shared internet connection) to join the same game.

  • Added win/lose/tie scenarios in the end of a match.

  • Experience will now be visible even outside of the hero manager.

  • Team score and map time will now be visible even outside of the TAB screen.

  • Items that are unequipped will now drop to the ground instead of just instantly disappearing.

  • Removed dynamic cubemapping support from the ability "Summon Robot" as it caused problems all the time.

  • Patch notes can now also be seen in-game.

  • The launcher now display download speed.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the experience added to be delayed.

  • Fixed a bug regarding the water in the map "Tournament Grounds".

  • Other minor bugs and fixes.


  • Added support for artillery abilities, which can be seen in three new abilities:
    Ice Spike
    Gravity Pulse

  • Added support for invisibility, which can be seen in two new abilities:

  • Weapon classes have been created.
    Previously there were only swords and one axe, but now there are swords, axes and maces. All created as such:
    Fast speed, Low damage
    Medium speed, Medium damage
    Slow speed, High damage
    Very slow speed, Very high damage, 2-handed
    Also rebalanced some of the weapons.

  • Rebuilt all levels. Also updated the navigation mesh so that AI characters no longer walk through walls.

  • Optimized the render targets to only render when their object is close by. The game will be running much faster than before with water effects, Summon Robot and refraction effects (seen in for example Fire Ball).

  • Fixed some major memory leaks.

  • Tough skeletons now also use Titanic Crush.

  • Casual camera movement to have a little more dynamic camera even when standing still.

  • The particle effect when using abilities have been changed.

  • Removed dynamic class names as they were confusing and that the system was not perfect. Might be added later on again.

  • A new kind of curve has been created that allows artillery abilities to be slow in the start and fast near the end.

  • All particle effects for getting hit by a specific type of damage has been remade.

  • Light colours can now also be changed in real-time.

  • Scale can be set to all summons and monster.

  • The abilities "Fire Protection" and "Ice Protection" now works properly again. Also, their particle effects have been updated.

  • Added a "LAN Only" checkbox in the options menu in order to get more optimized if you do not play online.

  • Altered the name/health bar location to change it's location when the character is scaled.

  • Solved alot of minor bugs.


  • Added shadows for static geometry.

  • Removed stencil shadow support as they were ugly, and that they caused problems all the time.


  • You will now see a 3D model for each team on the select team menu.

  • A few bugs have been solved.


  • A minor error has been fixed.


  • A bug has been fixed that prevented clients to join a server from the lobby.


  • The background music files have been replaced.


  • The server has a maximum players option now.


  • All previous versions have been merged together, resetting this version to the first. If you had the game installed before this, you need to uninstall and install it again for it to work.


  • The starting screen will now be a bit nicer, giving the player an opportunity for a fun mini-game:
    Left mouse button on empty area: Create cube.
    Right mouse button on empty area: Create an explosion.
    Left mouse button on a cube: Move cube.
    Middle mouse button on a cube: Remove cube.
    Right mouse button on a cube: Remove cube and create an explosion.
    Mouse over a cube shows it's ability information.

  • There is now a different model for each team.

  • A message log screen has been added.

  • Physical objects will now be able to be affected by abilities, such as Kamikaze, Living Explosion, Fire Ball, and many more.

  • Physical objects now use sounds as they collide with other objects.

  • Added a mesh reduction slider in the option menu. If you experience low FPS with many characters on the screen, try using this option.

  • Added a refraction shader. This effect can be seen on the explosion in the starting screen and on some abilities:
    Living Explosion
    Fire Ball

  • Added support for post-processing effects. These shaders has been added and can be turned on in the options menu:

  • Spray paints have been added. By default it is used by pressing Space, (can be changed in the key bindings screen) which creates an image in the world at the cursor position. The image can be changed by the player and it will be shown correctly to other players in a multiplayer game.
    It can be found in:
    All decals now also have better results than before.

  • Added a new feature: Smart GUI Cursor. This option can be turned on in the options menu.

  • Added a new ability: Summon Robot.

  • Added support for dynamic cubemapping. This can be seen in the ability "Summon Robot"

  • Added a new ability: Book of Knowledge.

  • Added support for soft bodies as physical objects. This can be seen in the ability "Book of Knowledge"

  • Changed reflection quality in the options menu to RTT (render to texture) reduction instead, this works for various features in the game instead of just for the water effects.

  • Added a new effect: Temporary scales. This feature can be seen in these abilities:
    Curse of Weakness

  • Changed the core code of textboxes. Textboxes now have support for selecting text, copy/cut commands, cursor selecting and many more functions that would seem as standard.

  • Added a design idea button in the start screen to explain the idea of the game.

  • Added a patch notes button in the start screen.

  • Changed the model of the ability "Reflective Barrier".

  • Fixed a bug that caused particle system to be rendered for a few seconds after they have been removed. This will increase FPS in situations with many heavy particle systems.

  • Fixed a bug with some physical objects. Previously they had really poor physical structure, which could make them behave strangely.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the character to face the wrong direction for one frame, when pressing the WASD keys too quickly.

  • Fixed a bug when changing screen resolution that caused text objects to look wierd.

  • External IP address on the server now works again. Instead of using whatismyip.com, it is now using the homepage of Realm to get the IP.

  • Fixed many other minor bugs.


  • A tutorial has been added.

  • A "Host Game" button has been added that minimizes the game and opens the dedicated server.

  • "/help" will now show the player all available commands in the chat.

  • The dedicated server can no longer be created more than once per computer (as the game does not support it).


  • Experience is now added based on how far long the map has come instead of how long a player has been in the game. A player who joins the game later will have gained exactly as much experience as a player who has been in the game from its start.

  • Bugs fixed that caused clients to lose connection upon joining a game.

  • Crashfixes related to monsters/summons have been fixed, alot of optimizations have also been made to them.

  • Melee abilities are now working as intended. Before this fix, faster weapons, such as the dagger, triggered the global cooldown when using melee abilities.

  • Dramatically improved the replay file screen's performance.

  • Bots can now be manipulated from the server to join just one team instead of auto balancing the teams.

  • In the tab screen (where kills/deaths and score is shown), an image has been added for each player to know whether or not the player is dead.

  • The animation mechanics for using an ability has been changed, previously it could fail to visualize the animation in some cases.

  • Fixed a bug that caused players in a game not to wear armor/auras for a newly joined player.


  • By pressing up/down in the chat, old messages that has been sent will be recovered.

  • A bit more decals, specifically for:
    Living Explosion
    Pulse of Nature

  • Changed and/or optimized the following particle effects:
    Quick Heal
    Healing Seeds Tick
    Circle of Ice
    Circle of Fatigue
    Healing Circle

  • In the replay screen, to load replays in the list view is extremely much faster now.

  • Replays are now put in the recycle bin if they are deleted from the game.

  • The beginning of commands are done:
    TARGET could always be replaced by "all" instead of a specific name
    "/damage TARGET AMOUNT TYPE", for example: "/damage Robin 10 fire" or "/damage Robin 10 heal"
    "/kill TARGET", for example: "/kill Robin"
    "/givexp TARGET AMOUNT, for example: "/givexp Robin 1000"

  • Texture shadows now works (stencil shadows were the only option before).